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  • O-Ring Mechanical SealO-ring mechanical seals use o rings for secondary seal. They are easy for replacement and can be used in wide range of applications. This type of mechanical seal can ...
  • Wedge Ring Mechanical SealThe wedge ring mechanical seal uses Teflon wedge ring or rubber O ring as for the secondary seal. It features compact structure and good corrosion resistance.
  • Cartridge Mechanical SealCartridge mechanical seal is easy for installation. It starts working as soon as the stop block for the positioning bolt is removed. The spring compression force ...
  • Metal Bellows Mechanical SealA metal bellows mechanical seal has advantages that it requires no auxiliary sealing ring, and comes with wide working temperature range from -200℃ to +600℃.
  • Mechanical Seal Stationary SeatThe selection of a proper type of mechanical seal stationary seat should be determined by its operating environment, medium, pump cavity design, and more.